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The Poe Project

I’m pleased to announce a brand new publication is available in my Etsy store, Funschooling Press, called ‘The Poe Project‘.‘The Poe Project‘ is a 16 page Research Project and Activity based publication, written and developed by Fran Wisniewski.This publication offers some interesting facts about Poe, more than 10 questions to start […]

Heart Activities

Make an origami heart: A variety of origami hearts can be found here including 3-D hearts and flat hearts.WikiHow has illustrated video instructions on how to make a flat origami heart.Learn how to make an origami heart with this YouTube video or a heart shaped box with this one.Tip: Some […]

Shadow Puppets

Visual News: Vintage Instructions On How To Make Shadow PuppetsBlifaloo: Shadow Puppets – How to make shadow puppets with your hands. Printable Paradise: Printable Animal SilhouettesKidspot: Make a Shadow Puppet Theatre – Instructions and a video. Plus how make your own puppets.wikiHow: How to Make Shadow Puppets – Three methods are offered along […]

Cook Your Lunch Outside!

If it feels hot enough to fry an egg outside, why not take advantage of the sun’s heat to cook up your lunch!You will need: A takeout container with a lid or a metal container and aluminum foil, a cookie sheet, potholders, an area that gets at least […]

Make Your Own What’s Missing Picture

Play this game inside or out. Here’s what you’ll need to make the picture or play the game…A camera and 10-20 different itemsOptional: Paper, something to draw with, and stickers.Camera Version: Put your items on a table or in the grass and take a picture. Remove one or […]

Summer Fun July Volume 1

Hot Dogs – July is National Hot Dog Month! Learn about hot dogs, play some games, do a puzzle and what how hot dogs are made. Spray Art – Do a fun painting activity outdoors!Animal Antics – You get to act like your favorite animal in this fun game! […]

Plan A Family Picnic

‘The Picnic’ by Thomas Cole Now that the nice weather is here, plan a picnic for the family!You will need a small budget for this activity, paper and pencil, and answers to the following questions…Where will you have it?A park, beach, playground, near the lake, in your yard […]

Summertime Fun – June, Volume 1

I have 13 fun activities for you and your family to enjoy this month.  You can look forward to doing experiments, puzzles, crafts, games, observational activities, creative activities, and a few other things. If you’re interested in playing along with us, here are the items you will need.  […]

Summertime Fun

Looking for fun and creative things to do this summer with your kids?  I’v posted some great activities that we like to do right here on Funschooling & Recreational Learning! There are enough ideas to last you the whole summer! You may be wondering what age group these […]

Emergency Preparedness Resources

It’s a good idea to be prepared in case of an emergency, this includes blackouts, hurricanes, tropical storms, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, snowstorms and other events. We live in an area that gets a lot of unpredictable weather, and after a week without power and water a few […]